Mexican Talavera tile roots date back to 15th century Spain. Many of the designs and patterns can be traced back to Chinese and Philippine origins while even older variations of this art form date back to 8th century Arab culture.

Mexican Hacienda Kitchen

Mexican Hacienda Kitchen

During the middle ages, craftsmen in Italy began experimenting with glazes and as a result many new colors were developed. When the Italians introduced the unison of the Arab, Italian, and Asian motif during the 15th century to Spain the Talavera ceramic was born. In turn, following the Spanish colonization of Mexico, the Spaniards introduced the new ceramic and Mexican artisans adopted it.

During the 1920s and 30s, Spanish Colonial Revival was one of the most popular architectural styles in the Southwest. Colorful ceramic tile as well as clay tile roofs, roughly plastered walls, arched doorways, and wrought iron window grilles create some of the key elements of this style. Inspired by the Panama California Exposition of 1915 as well as travels in Spain and Mexico, many architects found southern California the ideal setting for this type of architecture. The similarity to Spain’s climate and landscape was the primary catalyst for using the Spanish Colonial Revival style to transform houses, stores, offices, and even cities throughout California, Arizona, New Mexico and Baja California Mexico. (

It’s often difficult to visualize what a particular pattern will look like once it is installed. In fact, the true beauty of Mexican Talavera can only be appreciated when the tiles are placed side by side and a pattern is created.

Visitors to 42037 Mision San Diego in Mision Viejo Baja are often impressed by the hundreds of colorful tiles, as well as the other architectural crafts, which fill this Spanish Colonial Revival style mansion. Tile is found in nearly every room of the house, either as baseboards, stair risers, fireplace surrounds, wall niches, or window seats.

If you want to appreciate a gorgeous New Ocean view Mexican hacienda style mansion only 35 minutes south of the border just call or email Miguel Sedano (619-200-7408) for an appointment.

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